Jun. 28th, 2004

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So here I am. Back in the mansion, back from the dead, all that fun stuff. Added to my list of tricks? Organ regeneration. So from now on, nobody is allowed to complain about my smoking. I can grow new lungs if I fucking need to.

I suppose what happened has already circulated through the rumor mill, but just in case you missed it, a recap. When I said I was taking care of things outside the mansion, I wasn't kidding. We managed to get a list of military guys involved in the massacre, (guy I got the info from says they engineered a mutant army or something, and sent them after the Morlocks for a test run. Makes me all warm and fucking fuzzy inside.) and track them down. Then I went after them. On my own turf.

Went through three before Grey Crow took out my knees, and made it really fucking difficult to do anything. I don't have any idea what that bitch did to me afterwards, but the docs say I had a broken rib go through my heart, effectively killing me. Yeah, I died. As you can probably guess, It didn't last. (I know, you're all crushed.)

So now that my ribs are nice and healed, and my scars are well on their way to fading into oblivion, my next task is to get the hell out of the medlab before I go crazy. (or more crazy, i guess.) I need a change of scenery and a cigarette, and not necessarily in that order. I'm sure I can bribe somebody into helping me navigate. Right?


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