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People upstairs are moving? That's nice.
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I think I'm going to go stay upstairs for a while. I've been told I'm loud when one's shields are a little off.
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...I just came out of the gym, and there's a crowd over by the medlab.

Would somebody like to tell me what in the hell is going on?
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I'm going to go prop myself up in front of the couch in 213 for an undetermined amount of time. "Until they kick me out" sounds about right though.


Aug. 8th, 2004 09:44 pm
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I hate sitting and waiting. A lot.

Maybe I'll go see how much damage I can do in the gym. My knees should be able to handle it by now. Or maybe I'll go for a walk. I haven't been out to destroy the trees yet this summer.

Either way, I need to go take some aggression out on something that doesn't deserve it. Now.
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What can I do to help?
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If you're not a Morlock, then this is none of your business. None. )

I wouldn't post that here in a public place if it wasn't the only way they'd get to hear it without somebody in the fucking room observing. (Of course, somebody will probably still read it, but this way I can at least pretend that people will respect what's ours.) Because I obviously can't be trusted around my own family, being the bad influence I am. I might try to eat them or something. Even worse, they might grow up to be like me.

And if you're one of the ones who thought that I would ever hurt them: Fuck you.
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You two have not been down to visit, and you're giving Oscar a complex. He's giving me these looks like "Aren't I a cute puppy? Don't they want to play with me?" So. This is your invitation to come play with the puppy, and listen to another story I just remembered. For Morlock ears only. :)
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So I bitch all the time about the sign saying "Go the fuck away" being read as an open invitation to come in and make friendly concerned noises. Today I had to keep myself from doing the exact same thing to somebody else. Argh.

(This is not to say that I've changed my mind; The sign says "Go the fuck away", and that's what it means. I just understand it some now. Maybe.)
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Enjoy the little trip down memory lane, Betsy.

Ps. Hope Oscar wasn't too much trouble for you last night.
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In case you missed the barking, I've picked up a new roommate. Somebody was sneaky enough to go and get me a boxer puppy while I wasn't looking, and Oscar has since taken to sleeping under my desk and chasing after my feet every time I get up to do something.

It's really very cute.
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I am out of the medlab. Never going back. Ever.

Okay, so maybe twice a day for the next two weeks. But still.

Please note that my door is locked for a reason, and Shinobi and I will see you all in a day or two.
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Could you please bring my dart board down here? I'm bored.

So. Fucking. Bored.
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So here I am. Back in the mansion, back from the dead, all that fun stuff. Added to my list of tricks? Organ regeneration. So from now on, nobody is allowed to complain about my smoking. I can grow new lungs if I fucking need to.

I suppose what happened has already circulated through the rumor mill, but just in case you missed it, a recap. When I said I was taking care of things outside the mansion, I wasn't kidding. We managed to get a list of military guys involved in the massacre, (guy I got the info from says they engineered a mutant army or something, and sent them after the Morlocks for a test run. Makes me all warm and fucking fuzzy inside.) and track them down. Then I went after them. On my own turf.

Went through three before Grey Crow took out my knees, and made it really fucking difficult to do anything. I don't have any idea what that bitch did to me afterwards, but the docs say I had a broken rib go through my heart, effectively killing me. Yeah, I died. As you can probably guess, It didn't last. (I know, you're all crushed.)

So now that my ribs are nice and healed, and my scars are well on their way to fading into oblivion, my next task is to get the hell out of the medlab before I go crazy. (or more crazy, i guess.) I need a change of scenery and a cigarette, and not necessarily in that order. I'm sure I can bribe somebody into helping me navigate. Right?
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Good kids are bothered about the fight yesterday. Bad kids are not.

Guess that makes me a bad kid. (Again.)
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Oh look, somebody -else- thought that grabbing two of the last remaining Morlocks was a bright idea. Stupid fucker. I don't care what he was trying to accomplish; Nobody grabs my kid brothers and threatens to take them out without me going after them like the psychotic gutter-trash bitch I am.

Now I'm going to take a shower to get all of his blood off me before I go up and keep an eye on Artie and Leech for a while. Probably growling. Don't mind me.
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Violent movie in the boiler room tonight. Bring a pillow, leave your notes elsewhere.

Eight okay with everyone?
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I seem to have found my way back to take my final exams, so um, hi.
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(I started to post this in the student journal, but what the hell. I'm sure I'm "projecting" this all over the place too, so it's no secret.)


Mutant fucking daycare strikes again. I didn't come here to be looked after--I don't need it. I don't need your protection from the big bad world, from myself, or anything else that you can possibly think of to 'protect' me from. If that's the only thing you've got to offer, then I don't belong here.

Fuck this. I have better things to do.
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So. Ten classes cancelled today, and I'm not in a fucking one of them. Figures.
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